Lockdown makes it hard to motivate yourself, so I thought make something to keep your mind busy. A tailored coat is perfect, it takes time and you can enjoy the way along making; how it grows and will look like. I found this fabric at Minervacrafts.com

I found this fabric at Minervacrafts.com

Seen it bought it, that was a no brainer, I just loved it! However when it arrived, I was a bit surprised about the weight, it is more on the lighter coat weight side. Was a good thing for my project, I wanted to make a princess coat. lot of material, lot of weight… the lighter one is okay.

How you can see the wrong side is knitted and the outside is felted, 30% wool and 70% polyester is good for a coat anyway. Sewing seems and pockets. Choosing lining and synthetic fur for accents. I loved the preparation and when all comes together and fits perfectly.

My lining is a denim blue Challis 100% viscose. I like the feel of viscose and I do not like polyester linings full stop! It is a little bit more work, but when I put the coat on, I feel like wearing a blanket. It is soft, slightly cool and warms up very quickly to a nice body temperature. All in all, very comfortable and since my coats are on hangers the problem with scrunched up viscose doesn’t happened.

The princess coat is based on Victorian-Clothing, it has very wide big shoulders and a huge collar. My kids had their fun in calling me mincraft-steve :))) during the trying on and making sure everything fits perfect time.

Finishing touches like buttons and hem – mostly handsewn. However I do owe you the finishing pictures. It is lockdown and so far, sadly I could not wear it… but soon no matter what and I will post some pics of it 🙂