My cute little giraffe has its own seamless pattern, hooray! Took me long enough; was drawing the giraffe last year in November and could not make up my mind, how the pattern should look like to enhance the giraffe. Main concerns were as usual; being not cluttered and certainly not too big. Just right for kids t-shirt, romper, beanies ect. a pattern little kids can apprehend the same as bigger ones. After all clothing and patterns are important for their development.

With a light background to amplify the colours and still being neutral. The colour scheme fits to most earth colours and is perfect as a summer t-shirt as well as a sleeping romper. The fabric is now being printed and the end result might be available mid of March. Let’s hope there won’t be any delays.

I also designed a cute panel with a matching stripe.

A beautiful unregular stripe and my little cute giraffe, a very harmonising combination. This will make a beautiful t-shirt or jumper. Here too available mid of March. I will keep you posted 🙂