Hand knitted baby socks look soo cute, these little feet wiggle around and off they are… hmmm. “They are just cute and a waste of money”, I can hear that a lot others absolutely love them, because they don’t strangle the baby’s feet, come in so many colours and they feel really good – at least the cotton ones – and yes they fall off just the same as shoes. Should we rather have only footed leggings??? NO, NO and NO!

As annoying as some parents or caretaker find it to put on socks 100 times a day, it is a huge step of development and extremely important for your baby. Socks help your baby to feel their feet and gaining control over them. The effort to get the socks off is a game; socks off mum comes around and tells us lovely off. A little tickle here, a little chat whilst putting on the socks again. Even better when the little fingers discover their own feet and that you can pull them off! Mum will love that! For sure! More tickles, more lovely mum voice – life is good!

Not just a happy entertained baby, there is also some real brain development included; left hand to right foot and right hand to left foot connects the brain hemispheres, a little exercise good for any baby anyway. And if the socks have little bells on the top of the toes there is even a better awareness of the own body and a good help to courage taking control of it.

Hand knitted baby socks cotton long leg

Extra long legs make it more of a challenge to take them off. But eventually all socks will end up coming off except there is a real strong elastic band. Make sure, no matter you are knitting or buying some, they are made from cotton or merino-wool, these are materials that won’t overheat the baby, they are breathable and super soft, really nice to touch.

I am mostly using King Cole Cottonsoft, a 100% cotton yarn that feels absolutely great. One day I might get a jumper out of it. It still feels great after multiple washings and is in sooo many colours available. 100% cotton does not hold the shape as nice as acrylic, just wash it after wearing and pull into shape and they are just like new.

The pattern for these socks you can find here. Have fun with your “naughty” baby and enjoy putting on socks, it won’t last long!