Baby Socks are fun to make and always a handy gift for little babies. I used King Cole Cotton-Soft on 4mm needles

Baby Socks free knitting pattern

Cast on 36 stitches and close to a ring like that

Knit 2/2 rib (2knit, 2 purl) over 36 rounds or till piece measures 10cm

Pull the cast on row nicely apart, that way the socks become stretchy.

After 36 rows in the round; Next row in knit and evenly decrease 6 stitches (knit 2 purl or knit together, how it appears)

work the heel as followed;

17 stitches on a needle (other 13 stitches stay on the other 2 needles), knit back and forth for 10 rows. Last and first stitch always a knit stitch to get these little bumps.

Next rows are “half” rows.

Knit till 4 stitches remain on needle

Slip one stitch knit wise, 1 stich knit, pass slipped stich over and turn

Slip first stitch purl wise and purl till 4 stitches remain. Slip one stitch purl wise, knit one purl and pass slipped stitch over. Turn and slip first stitch knit wise. Repeat till all stitches are being decreased. (Make sure the beginning of every row is tide, otherwise you will have holes.)

Pick up 7 stitches on each side of heel

Work with 5 Needles and in the round again. 2 needles for the heel and 2 needles with 13 stitches for the upper foot.

decrease on each side of the heel in each row till 13 stitches remain like thi

2 knit together on the left side and one slip stitch, one knit and pass slipped stitch over on the right side of the heel

When both sides (upper foot and lower foot) have 13stitches, knit in the round for 16 more rows ( or 5-8cm newborn to 1year) and decrease for the toes as followed.

Decrease on beginning with one slip stitch knit wise, 1 knit, pass over slipped stitch and end with 2 knit together for each side (upper and lower foot)

one round knit

decrease as before till 7 stitches are left on each side of the foot. Cast off whilst knitting both sides (upper and lower foot) together. Hooray finished! Well not quite, make a second one!