Zebra sat in bed and was thinking. He was thinking a lot, mostly about chocolate and how to get some. The little girl next to him wasn’t thinking about chocolate. Zebra was sure about that, otherwise he would have much more chocolate in his bed.

“Never mind”, thought Zebra “I’m a big Zebra and can get it by myself!”

He snack out of bed and very quietly went down the stairs. ‘That’s the hard part’, Zebra thought. But what was that? A white glowing thingy thing just whooshed around the corner. Luckily Zebra had his little blanket with him and threw it quickly over his head. You never know when you need a good hiding spot, better have a blanket with you!

Brave as Zebra was, he peeked under the blanket and checked for that glowing thing. Nothing here. He slowly walked with his blanket over his head, ready to hide, towards the kitchen.

There it was! Glowing around in the kitchen. Zebra pulled the blanket firmer around his head and just as he wanted to peek around the corner, he heard some foot steps. The little girl was coming. Quickly he hid under his blanket and peeked out of a little gap.

The white glowing thingy thing hid as well and NEXT to Zebra. Zebra was shocked, but brave as he is, he asked politely; “Who are you?”

The white glowing thing seemed surprised someone is talking to him and answered with a very quiet whisper; “I’m Ghost and you?”

“I’m Zebra!”, said Zebra very proud and nearly forgot he is in hiding.

“What are you doing here and how do you glow like that? I want to glow too!”, Zebra was very interested in the glowing part. Maybe he could glow green! Everyone knows, green is the colour to go for.

“I’m a ghost and I’m glowing in the dark so I can see.”, answered Ghost. “And I’m searching for chocolate.”

“Me too!”, excited; Zebra started to jump, completely forgotten he is in hiding. The little girl wondered about the sudden noise, looked around the corner and saw Zebra jumping.

“Zebra! What are you doing here?” She picked up the blanket and saw Ghost. Ghost made a very weak “buhh” sound, Ghost was very scared. The little girl was startled, not expecting someone else under Zebras blanket and dropped the blanket. Ghost immediately cheered up and smiled. “That was the first time I could startle someone.”, he whispered to Zebra. Zebra found that game funny, pulled the blanket over Ghost and his head and shouted “Buhhh, buhh, buhh!”, and jumped in joy with Ghost.

“You’re so silly, Zebra!”, laughing picked the little girl Zebra up and gave him a hug. The little Ghost started to shiver in fear, suddenly feeling very lonely.

“Who is your friend?”, asked the little girl.

“This is Ghost and he can glow in the dark and one day, I can glow green!”, Zebra was still very impressed about that glowing thing.

“That’s useful. Ghost, do you want to sleep in my bed?”, asked the little girl. “You can glow for us in the dark, so we can see. And sleep under a blanket to keep it dark.”

“That sounds wonderful!”, little Ghost was very excited he had never slept in a bed before and surely, he had never any company, he was always alone.

The little girl picked up Zebra, Ghost and the blanket and went to her bed. She put Zebra and Ghost on the pillow and said to Zebra; “I have a surprise for you.” Out of her pocket she got a little piece of chocolate and gave it to Zebra and asked Ghost if he wants a piece too. Both took the chocolate and jumped in joy all around the bed, till they were so tired they fell to the side and slept.

The little girl was smiling. ‘Such a silly Zebra’, she thought and tackled both into blankets, gave them a good night kiss and fell asleep.

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